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The Pawnee Heights school is comprised of two rural communites of Burdett and Rozel.  Each settled in West Central Kansas and seperated by only seven miles, the communities are tied together in many ways including the school, businesses and faith.  We look out for each other, support each other's activities, and are an active part of the Pawnee Heights School.  Each community has it's own mark, but share common interests. If you are visiting our communites and/or our school, please visit the links provided.  We are a proud combined community!


     Burdett Newsletter

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Check out our "Famous" links below!

     Clyde W. Tombaugh 

     Our own Astroid?   

     Christian Smith, 800 Meter Run at the Bejing Olympics!!
               Read story from Great Bend Tribune

     Harold Patterson,  One incredible athlete!!
           Kansas Sports Hall of Fame 

     Gary Patterson, Head Coach for TCU