follow up
Per Mr. Spencer:

I apologize for the short notice prior to closing school today.  I know the closing created a hardship for some people and I sincerely hope that everyone was able to find appropriate supervision for their students today. Again, I assure you, the decision was not made lightly.


There are some items that need to be shared following yesterday’s announcement.  The specific groups considered exposed has changed. The dates of exposure and the last day of quarantine need to be clarified, and I will explain the option to test and shorten quarantine time.


In addition to the 6th grade class, the Middle School Girls Basketball team, and the Middle School Cheerleaders listed yesterday the 5th grade class is also considered directly exposed to Covid-19.  The last date of exposure and last day of quarantine for those students is as follows.


  • 5th and 6th grade students were last exposed on Monday, November 15. Their last day of quarantine will be Thursday, November 25. (Thanksgiving)
  • The Middle School Girls Basketball team and Cheerleaders were last exposed on Friday, November 12.  Their last day of quarantine will be Monday, November 22.


There is a process to test for the virus and be released from quarantine more quickly. The test must be a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Test. (I have no idea what that means, but it is important to be sure that type of test is used for this purpose.) The exposed individual must be tested on or after Day 5 of exposure with the last day of exposure being day 0. After that person has been PCR tested, if the result is negative, (it usually takes about 2-3 days to receive a PCR test result back) that person no longer has to wait 10 days to be out of quarantine, only 7 days. If the result is positive, that person would go into the quarantine guidelines for a positive person. 


This PCR Testing can be completed at the Hodgeman County Health Department. Parents just need to call and tell them they have a child that was exposed at Pawnee heights to schedule an appointment for the student. 


I truly hope this is my final call to everyone until after our extended Thanksgiving Break!