mrs karst

Congratulations to Mrs. Karst for being nominated for Kansas Teacher of the Year! No one deserves it more than our Kindergarten teacher whose patience and dedication is evident in the smiling faces of our littlest Tigers year after year. 

Mrs. Rhonda Karst has been teaching Kindergarten for 33 years, 24 of those here with us at Pawnee Heights. When asked what she enjoys most about teaching, Rhonda Karst without hesitation said "The Kids! Being with the kids and watching them learn and grow. The 'light bulb' moments; when you see them light up and realize 'Hey, I can read! or 'Hey, I can do this!' That's what it is for me. I also love who I work with - We really do have a great team!"

She says one of the best things about working at Pawnee Heights is getting to watch her students grow and being able to celebrate their accomplishments with them clear through their high school career. I'm sure all of our Tigers would agree that they enjoy that as well!! It's not often you get a teacher like Mrs. Karst and to be able to see her regularly through all your school years is definitely one of the best #SmallSchoolPerks we can think of!