Horizon Award Nominee

Congratulations to Mrs. Colglazier for being nominated for the Horizon Award! The Horizon Award is for teachers that showed excellent teaching skills during their first year of teaching. 

A Pawnee Heights alum, Mrs. Tricia Colglazier was as a substitute teacher here for many years before joining the team full time as secretary. While working in the office, she realized how much she enjoyed getting to know the students and seeing them every day so when Third Grade was in need of a teacher, she seized the opportunity and we couldn’t be happier!!

Transitioning to a teacher position in the school was pretty smooth, according to Mrs. Colglazier, because she had already built report with the kids as well as with staff. She says she was drawn to third grade because “they’re independent, but they’re still curious and want to learn what I’m teaching them. Plus, at this age they still love me just as a person as much as I love them as my students; I’m still cool!”

She says that she is excited to be a positive daily influence and is glad she gets to work where she grew up. “It was important for me to stay with Pawnee Heights because small schools are so important and we are blessed to still have ours. The ability to really work with students in smaller classes is not something to take for granted, it really makes a difference.” We couldn't agree more!