bricks with writing

I've always felt that Pawnee Heights is a special place and that it's the PEOPLE that make it that way. From teachers to staff to students to parents and community members, every one of you plays an important role in making this school what it is. 

With this fundraiser, the Board of Education offers a way to not only physically manifest your contribution, but to help preserve the memory of loved ones as well.

Imagine coming to a class reunion and seeing a name you haven't heard in years; the memories come flooding back making everything that much more meaningful. Or picking up your grandchild from school and finding names with them, creating new memories. 

That's what this fundraiser is about. As we move forward and use these proceeds for our future Primary School building, we want to pay homage to the past that got us here.

So order yours HERE today to become part of this Pawnee Heights legacy!