2022 Senior Spotlight

Adam Lee Hands

Adam plans to attend Kansas State University and then transfer to Cleveland Chiropractic College.

- Valedictorian - Adam Lee Hands

Elizabeth Renea Rasmussen

Elizabeth plans to attend Barton County Community College and then transfer to KU to study sports medicine.

- Salutatorian - Elizabeth Renea Rasmussen

Russell Don Baier

Russell plans to join the Army National Guard and become a park ranger.

- Russell Don Baier

Bayleigh Anne Casanova

Bayleigh plans to do tattoos or something involving art.

- Bayleigh Anne Casanova

Braden Michael Colgazier

Braden plans to attend Pratt CC to become a professional lineman.

- Braden Michael Colgazier

Yeimi Cordero-Valles

Yeimi plans to attend FHSU to study international economics and management.

- Yeimi Cordero-Valles

Elwin Fiso

Elwin plans to become a roof inspector and salesman.

- Elwin Fiso

Nazareth Rios-Valles

Nazareth plans to attend Barton County Community College and then transfer FHSU for cinematography.

- Nazareth Rios-Valles

Evan James Seltmann

Evan plans to attend NCK Tech to work on tractors.

- Evan James Seltmann

Angelina Marie Waterhouse

Angelina may move back to Arkansas, stay in KS, or do something different.

- Angelina Marie Waterhouse

Rebekka Charlene Winters

Rebekka plans to attend Barton County Community College to study criminal justice and then transfer to a four year college to study criminal investigation.

- Rebekka Charlene Winters